Kevin Devine – Between the Concrete and Clouds [Live]

Here’s the live version. If anyone has the rip of the new tour vinyl with River City Extension, please contact me.



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New Updates Soon

Coming very sooon

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Site Up for Grabs

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the hiatus I’ve been on. It’s my senior year of high school so for anyone who’s been in my shoes, you’ve realized how busy life has become. With that being said, I haven’t had time to update Guys With Record Collections.

I’m opening up the site to anyone who wants it. I’m not asking for much. The site is still worthy to any of the viewers. I’ll update all the links for whoever wants it so it’ll get more views and whatnot.

If you’re interested in the blog, shoot me an email @ with the subject being ‘Guys With Record Collections’. I’m going to give the site to whoever I feel will lead the site in the best direction.
Thanks again for the past two years. Truly puts a smile on my face to see all the loyal supporters of Kevin and crew.



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Kevin Devine- Live @ Looney Tunes (West Bab, Long Island NY) Record Store Day


1. Intro
2. Tomorrow’s Just too Late (Kevin Only)
3. Yr Husband (GD Band Enters)
4. You’re Trailing Yourself
5. Another Bag of Bones (new intro)
6. Go Haunt Someone Else
7. Cotton Crush (GD band leaves)
8. I can be with anyone
9. The Biggest Lie (Elliott Smith Cover)
10. Lord, I know that we don’t talk

code: download here

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Kevin Devine- Live @ SXSW

Kevin Devine- Live @ SXSW


1. The Hand Of God (partial)
2. Carnival
3. Interlude
4. Another Bag Of Bones
5. Intro – The Goddamn Band
6. I Could Be With Anyone
7. Cotton Crush
8. Brother’s Blood

code: download here

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Hopefully, I’ll be posting some new things. Stay tuned.

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New Show Review

I’ll be posting more soon..

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